My child is five years old. Is he/she too young for Rock Project?

The minimum age for enrollment in San Francisco Rock Project is seven. Occasionally, younger students with sufficient experience may be admitted, after demonstrating competence in their instrument in a private audition with one of our instructors.

Will my beginner be in a show?

Yes! All beginning students are enrolled in the New Rockers program, which features one to two public performances at the end of a season.

How do you decide whether new students go into New Rockers or season shows?

Our instructors will assess the student’s skill level during their first lesson. Students who are not yet ready to play in a major season show will be placed in the New Rockers program with other beginning students.

Can my student just take lessons and not participate in a season show with a performance?

Student performances are the cornerstone of our program and we strongly encourage enrollment in a season performance to enable students to get the maximum benefit from our program. We understand that students may be unable to participate in the full program, and we offer an option for students to take regular weekly lessons with our instructors without participating in our group rehearsals and season-end performances. The monthly cost for lesson-only enrollment is $250.

How many performance opportunities will my kid have?

All students enrolled in a season show, and all New Rockers, will perform at least one public performance at the end of each season. Occasionally, additional shows will be added to a season. House Band musicians can expect to play shows anywhere from one to four times per month. Summer Camp players will perform once at the end of each week-long camp.

What are your policies on canceling student lessons?

All lessons canceled with 24 hours notice are available for a makeup lesson with their instructor at a mutually agreed upon time. Makeup lessons not taken within 30 days of the original lesson are forfeited. Makeup lessons cannot be rescheduled. Any lessons canceled within 24 hours of the scheduled time (or any no-shows) are ineligible for makeup lessons.

Does my kid need to have an instrument at home?

No, but it’s helpful. Students are expected to practice their assigned songs outside of group rehearsal and lessons and having an instrument at home certainly helps. If your child is a beginner or is trying out a new instrument, please contact our Musical Director about borrowing an instrument from Rock Project’s Lending Library.

Do students learn to read music at Rock Project?

Sight reading is not an integral part of our program. However, if a student would like to learn or enhance their sight-reading capabilities, instructors can dedicate a portion of each private lesson to sight reading. The primary goal of our instruction is dedicated to learning the music pieces to be performed, and to develop facility with playing different styles of rock music in an ensemble setting. Depending on the student and the material, instructors may choose to use tablature, chord charts, or sheet music to assist with instruction.

What are your official policies and expectations?

All Rock Project families sign an enrollment agreement containing our policies and expectations. You can also view our Student Behavioral Expectations and Policies.