Our Golden Gate Rockers program is a bridge between New Rockers and our regular season shows; as such, enrolled students are generally between the ages of 8 and 11. 

Each enrolled Golden Gate Rocker will receive:

  • One 2 hour group rehearsal each week
  • One weekly 45 minute one-on-one lesson

Similar to our summer Rock Camps, students will be cast on specific songs which they will be responsible for learning with the guidance of their instructor. Golden Gate Rockers is the best way for students who are somewhat new to their instrument and/or performing to continue advancing their experience with, and understanding of, rock musicianship.

Being a Golden Gate Rocker will prepare new students for our Performance Projects, which consist of a challenging and varied mix of material, longer rehearsals (2.5 hours) and a regular performance schedule. As in our other seasonal performance programs, we stage a live performance for the Golden Gate Rockers near the end of every season.

Monthly tuition for enrollment in Golden Gate Rockers is $325. If you're interested, please contact us.