New Rockers

Students who are new to playing their instruments or are a newcomer to live performance may be cast in our “New Rockers” program. Each enrolled New Rocker will receive:

  • One 1.5 hour group rehearsal each week
  • One weekly 45 minute one-on-one lesson

Similar to our summer Boot Camps, students will be cast on specific songs which they will be responsible for learning with the guidance of their instructor. New Rockers is a fun, low-pressure way for students who are new to their instrument to learn the fundamentals of rock musicianship.

There will be lots of exciting performance opportunities to get these aspiring rockers onto the stage. New Rockers will prepare new students for our regular seasonal program which consists of a challenging and varied mix of material, longer rehearsals (2.5 hours) and a regular performance schedule.

Monthly tuition for enrollment in New Rockers is $300.

To enroll or for more information please email us or call (415) 495-ROCK (7625).