Families who are concerned that they may not be able to meet the financial terms for any of our offerings may be eligible for tuition assistance. Read about our Tuition Assistance Program.


We offer three levels of seasonal performance-based programs at San Francisco Rock Project. Each program comes with a weekly rehearsal, a weekly one-on-one lesson, and a season-ending performance at a public venue or event.

To schedule an assessment for your student, please contact us. 

New Rockers

If you have a young student (7-10) who is a musical beginner, we offer a New Rockers program.

Golden Gate Rockers

For similarly-aged students (8-11 or so) who are closer to an "intermediate" skill level, or who have very little experience performing on stage, the next program up is called the Golden Gate Rockers. 

Performance Projects

For intermediate to highly-experienced students (ages 8-17), we offer multiple Performance Projects per season, each with a different organizing theme. (The above programs are designed in many ways to prepare students for our Performance Projects.)

In addition to our seasonal programs, we also offer:

"Lessons Only"

Weekly one-on-one lessons, available year-round. All ages (7-17), all experience levels. Tuition for this program is $250/month. If you're interested in enrolling your student, contact us.

Summer Rock Camps

Each summer, we offer several week-long rock camps -- essentially a compact version of our seasonal program, with lessons & rehearsals M-F, and a show at a local rock club on the following Saturday. All ages (7-17) and all experience levels are encouraged to enroll.

House Band

The SFRP House Band is our elite group, a year-round program comprised of only our most committed students. If you've seen a band of Rock Project students in the wild, chances are it's our House Band. Check the calendar for any upcoming dates!