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“Ball and Biscuit” from the Jack White show, Bottom of the Hill, summer 2013.

Student arrangement of “Old Shanghai” from Beck’s Song Reader project. Bottom of the Hill, summer 2013

Original student composition: Maia’s “Senses to the Spell.” Bottom of the Hill, August 2013

House Band performing Queen’s “Stone Cold Crazy” at The Rickshaw Stop, December 2012.

“Debra Cadabra” from the Zappa/Beefheart show, December 2012.

“Symptom of the Universe” from the Black Sabbath show, December 2012.

House Band with special guest Ty Segall doing Ty’s “The Floor” – August 19, 2012

SFRP House Band plays Deerhoof’s “Dummy Discards a Heart” – June 5, 2012 Amoeba Records