We're very excited to be offering the following programs this Winter season! Enrollment is always open!



Saturdays (Exact Time TBD)
January 13 -- March 23

We'll be running down a dream, not backing down and making it last all night. Here's an artist that has been featured in Rock Project camp shows, Golden Gate Rockers, House Band sets and the like, but never has a full season been devoted to this legend of Rock & Roll. Though he has left us in body, his music will live on.

tom petty.jpeg


Saturdays (Exact Time TBD)
January 13 -- March 23

The forefathers of Punk Rock. Another group that SFRP has not yet dedicated an entire season to, and let's face it: that has got to change.

"Do your parents know you're Ramones?"



Fridays (5:00 - 7:30p)
January 12 -- March 23

Who's gonna keep us rock'n and roll'n? You! This program puts young songwriters together to allow them to express themselves with music and sound, and to learn invaluable interpersonal and group communication skills. Players will expand each other's musical sensibilities and hit the stage with a set of all-original material, composed and arranged by the entire group!


Wednesdays (5:00 - 7:00p)
January 10th -- March 23

Catered to our newest and most-curious rockers, this program focuses on learning basic music concepts, like melody, harmony and rhythm, and establishing the foundation for proper instrument technique. Active and critical listening skills are developed through weekly rehearsals and private lesson instruction, culminating in a live end-of-season performance!

Interested rockers ages 7-10 are strongly encouraged to enroll!